Artist’s Statement

My paintings depict a love of the magical hours of early dawn, when form and color are each day born anew. They elicit the possibility of renewal latent in every moment. The movement and color emerge from, return to, and always contend with fields of gray. The kinetic energy expressed in these works is my form of celebration. Beneath the joy that dances on the surface lies a veiled sorrow—for all the suffering in our world. On the most personal level, my paintings are mourning and prayer. I intend them as a modest benediction. My wish is that people viewing them will be touched by their transformative energy and connect with a shared sense of optimism, hope and delight.


While an architecture student at the University of Idaho in the early 1980s, I exhibited metal sculptures and paintings at student shows, winning a best-of-show award in 1983 for one of my welded pieces. These were the first public displays of my work. I was inactive in subsequent decades as I focused first on professional development as an architect and then on graduate school in American studies. Severe health problems followed, eventually rendering me disabled. I started painting again in spring of 2016 as a way to assuage the profound grief my illness caused and to taste again the joy of creation. I mix my oil-based paints, using non-toxic raw pigment and walnut oil; I forgo the use of solvents. I began my first series of abstracts, now mounted on this site, in the fall of 2018.